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What Romanian Universities Offer to Internationals Students

Romania is a member of the European Union and has signed the Convention of the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisbon 1997). Romania is also part of the Bologna Process concerning the implementation of the Common European Higher Education area. All the Romanian higher education institutions are obliged to apply the European credit transfer system, for the first and second cycle of studies: 60 credits correspond to one academic year and 30 credits for a semester. Foreign students who have begun to study in their country or in other countries can continue their studies in Romania. Romania has a long tradition in the universities and many thousands students from his universities are now working as doctors, engineers, informatics or business administrators all over the world. The Diplomas awarded in the Romanian universities receive international academic recognition. In the 49 Romanian universities more than 900.000 students are studying in the traditional areas, such as Medicine, Pharmacy, electrical engineering, oil and gas, chemistry, mechanical and civil engineering ,economy and finance as well in the modern areas such as informatics, communication sciences, genetics, biotechnology , aero spatial engineering and others. 30% of the Romanian universities are based in Bucharest. These universities of Medicine and Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Civil Engineering, Academy on Economic Studies, Architecture, Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Academy of Physical Education and Sports, Music, Fine Arts, Theater and Film are all open to the foreigner students and many faculties provide courses for licenses and masters in English, French and German besides the ones in Romanian . More than 12.000 international students are attending the curses in 2009/2010 in the Romanian universities. The Application is examined and agreed by the university and is approved by the Ministry of Education which provides the Letter of Acceptance. The tuition in the Romanian universities is little in comparison with others countries and is situated at the following levels:

Polytechnic University: 2430 Euro/year
Medical University: 2880 Euro/year
Economics, Sociologic: 1980 Euro/year

The expenses for living, eating and transport for a student are approximately 300 Euro /month when er is living in a campus and eats in the university restaurant. The university year is nine months long from 1-st October to 30 June .The application must be presented until 20 August each year for License and Master. The student pays the tuition after he had received the Letter of Acceptance delivered by the Ministry of Education.. List of the Universities /Faculties providing undergraduate studies in English that we recommend it is the following:

Polytechnic University of Bucharest
Electrical and Electronical engineering, Chemical Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Computer engineering,
Energetic, Aerospace Engineering, Economic Engineering, Materials Engineering

Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest
Civil Engineering

University of Medicine of Bucharest
General Medicine

University Ovidius of Constanta
General Medicine

Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest
Business Administration and International Economic Relations


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